12 February 2009

Turn catalog pages into homemade Valentine stickers

Catalog page valentineSee? All the garish pink and red splashed all over everything right now can be put to good use! From Rookie Mom Whitney:

I just ripped out tons of pages from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that had red gingham, lavender walls, and pink floral patterns. I cut hearts from these pages and gave them to my 4 yo who ran them through the Xyron sticker maker (a must have for easy crafts! no glue needed!) and then applied them to some unevenly cut construction paper squares. They look great. (Now he just needs to write on them.)

Sticker maker! I must look into this. Does anyone else have one of these? Looks like so much fun!

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I want a sticker maker!!

I have a Xyron and it is great! You can make anything into a sticker. Pop in a different refill and you can make laminated magnets out of your photos.

That is SO cool. Totally going on the top of my shopping list for almost 7-year-old!

I have 3 Xyrons, I love them! I use them for stickers, for scrapbooking, etc....

using a glue stick and the bazillions of hearts, flowers, pictures of valentine candy boxes, valentine stuff animals and yet more hearts in the sunday advertising circulars worked for us.

We got that Xyron for my son for Christmas -- it's really neat and we've had fun with it. Wish I'd gotten it sooner, it's a really cool product.

I love the Xyron. I have a little one that just does stickers and my mother-in-law bought me a big one for Christmas that does stickers and magnets. We used it for my son's birthday party. All the boys got to make their own stickers and magnets.

I've used mine for years for scrapbook projects. And, now that I have kids, it has been wonderful for other fun projects, stickers just for starters... Well worth getting!

i think i need me a sticker maker!

I actually have 3 or 4 different Xyron machines. They're all for crafty pursuits (so far) but I know they'll be useful once Z is a little older. My fave is the 510 because of it's versatility - cartridges for permanent & repositional adhesive, lamination and magnet backed (yes, send a wallet sized pic through there to make a laminated fridge magnet). The only 'problem' is that the opening is 5" across - I hate wasting the cartridge! One tip - NEVER pay full price for a refill - in my area Hobby Lobby & Michael's have 40% off coupons during alternating weeks - JoAnn's usually throws one in there on a random schedule. They're often on sale without the coupon too!

wow--another MUST HAVE item that I didn't know I needed--but now that I know....

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