Turn a Pringles can and OJ concentrate lids into a play money bank

Tracy’s simple trash-to-treasure toy creates hours of fun:

Can’t say that this was my idea, but will give credit to my local parenting group. Save a cardboard Pringles Container (with plastic cover). Also collect a bunch of those metal caps from the frozen o.j. and lemonade concentrate containers (although these are getting harder to find as more companies are switching to plastic containers).

Cut a slot across the full width of the Pringles cover (don’t cut too far though, you’ll still want to be able to put the cover back on the Pringles Can) about 1/8-inch wide (or just a bit wider than the thickness of one of the metal o.j. covers). Tape pictures of your family on each cover (clear, wide book tape works well).

Once your baby gains dexterity, let her drop the metal covers into the Pringles “bank.” They make a great noise as they hit the bottom of the can! Great for motor skills and you can use it to play a “learn who the family member is” game. Later on, use the lids as a sort of “memory” game, seeing if the child can match the families up correctly (Aunt Mary matches with Cousin Susie; Grandpa Joe matches with Nana Stella, etc).

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  1. Dallas says

    My little one LOVES an empty Pringles can. Her Dad “pops” the top by squeezing the can, and the giggles are never ending!

  2. says

    Pringle containers have also become useful for the kids’ playtime. They put all sort of things in them such as stones, sticks, rubber bands, play cards, and tiny little things.

    It’s a good way to recycle, too