Trunki suitcase keeps toddlers entertained during flight delays

Marlene’s travel tip for easing the pain of airport delays:

A lesson learned from a recent doomed trip which included nine hours of waiting in the airport with sleep deprived children (3 years old and 11 months): The three year-old was thoroughly entertained by our newest travel buddy - Trunki. This is a small tow behind “suitcase” that looks and rolls like a pet on a leash. The greatest part of Trunki is the ability to ride on him. He has handles (ears) and a strap that can be a tow leash or a shoulder strap.

Our son loved “indoor sledding” on the hill to the gates at PDX. It also works great for layovers. We are accustomed to layovers at O’Hare or Minneapolis with gates being at the opposite ends of the airport. With Trunki, we were able to pull our son for a fun ride as we made our way to the gate (much faster than trying to juggle carry-ons and a toddler with “broken legs”).

Anyone else have a Trunki? Looks great — anything that simplifies travel is worth it my opinion.

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  1. says

    yay for trunki! we drew a little face (eyes, mouth to go with the nose/ears) on the front of my daughter’s trunki and she loves it. she’s had it since she was around 2 years old and it’s literally saved my sanity many a time in an airport. she rides it, i pull her riding it (which means we get through the airport faster if there’s a long haul from security to gate) — it’s perfect for limiting how much she can bring on the flight (“just as much will fit in trunki”). it’s not the easiest thing to open/close and get out of and put back under the seat when you’re on the plane but that’s a tiny complaint compared with the huge success it is when keeping a kid entertained and moving in an airport.

  2. says

    I love the Trunki. It not only makes the kids feel part of the whole packing and holiday experience, but also is brilliant when their legs are feeling tired, and you have no arms left to carry them with!

    Every young family should have one!

  3. says

    The Trunki is great! my 3+ yr. daughter and 1+ yr. son rode it (and self-propelled or were pulled along by us) in many airports, on three different continents…it also means my daughter pulls her own luggage, which helps in making good packing choices.

  4. molly says

    Oh yes, we have one and “the piggie” is great. We put books, toys and lovies in it for easy carry on. It is the kids responsibility (with help, they are still small) but it gives them something to do/be responsible for on the trip.

  5. Sarah says

    I’m loving the look of this – but my guys are already 3.5. Does anyone who has one use it with slightly older kids?

  6. laurel says

    yep. i live in nz and brought it with us on our last trip back home to the us – through 4 airports each way. my son was 22 months. his legs were a bit short and he was a bit wobbly to sit properly to be pulled, but he was actually fine to pull it himself -even loaded up with tons of junk down the aisle of the planes i was travelling alone with the max number of carry ons/strollers/junk they allow, so i would just strap alongside the stroller and it would roll like a sidecar! we got heaps of great compliments/ooo’s ahhs etc from both staff and passengers. helped when he was whiney etc to ‘look cute’ and entertained him.
    the only bummer bit is that the space inside is rather limited by the interior shape. books in particular were hard to fit. and i agree that getting it down and open while in flight isn’t the easiest.

  7. says

    What a great product. It could really come in handy. The last time my son and I flew we had an eight hour delay waiting for another plane to come because of mechanical difficulty and by then it was almost bedtime! It was just me and my 2 year old (at the time), his car seat, his blanket, my purse, and a backpack stuck in the airport. {Thank God for friendly/helpful stangers!!}

    Trust me, if you’re flying with a toddler…this would be the perfect companion. You never know what is going to happen.

  8. monique says

    I love this idea but not the price. If I couldn’t find it for, say, $12 I would be more inclined to (in the spirit of parent hackers throughout the land)take my old beat up roll-around and spend an afternoon with junior decorating it like a pig/cow/rabbit/iguana. She rides on it already so it’s already “broken in”. Love your site Asha!

  9. Karla says

    Sounds like this was great for the 3 year-old. Could you please provide an equally awesome tip on what to do with the 11 month old?

  10. Kate's Mom says

    I seem to remember that we’ve talked about the Trunki before, and people have raved. Asha, do you know where that post lived?

    Anyone have opinions on the age range for the Trunki? What’s too young? When do kids grow out of being able to use it well?

  11. K.J.R. says

    Does this complement or take the place of a stroller? I love the idea, I just hate the thought of bringing more gear with us.

  12. says

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