05 February 2009

Toolbox + padlock = safe, portable medicine storage

Jenna's idea childproofs and tidies the medicine cabinet at the same time:

I've been looking for a way to secure medication in our house so that our two year-old can't get at it. I've seen a number of fancy medicine cabinets with locks but they seemed way too expensive. Instead, I've decided to buy a toolbox with a padlock. It will lock, be easy to store in any cupboard or closet, be easy to clean, and be easy to take with us (if necessary).

We could also have a couple of boxes in different parts of the house with medication and first aid supplies. If we do this, I'll be sure they are all accessible with the same key :)

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It seems like this could be a good storage solution for other types of "adults only" items as well.

what a great idea. its always scary having medicine & creams lying around, even up on a high shelf. This idea will be adopted immediately.

Thank-you, can you keep those great ideas coming!


Oh, yes. This idea is often adopted by day cares and the like as a way to have emergency first aid stuff on the playground (or wherever) so kiddos with booboos don't have to come inside for a little TLC. A note: it's always best to include hand sanitizer in the box so the care giver can clean their own hands before giving care.

A money box is even better. It's not as bulky and has a built in box. It's even good to keep in the refrigerator to keep medicines cold and out of reach to small hands.

Love this idea. Thank you! Also like the comment about other "adult only" items. Why didn't I think of this when our toddler pulled out our... oh never mind. Anyway, great idea!!

LOL Sheri!!

For travel I use a small cheap jewelry box that comes with a key.
It fits right in the diaper bag and I keep the tiny key right on my keychain.

I have a 5 year old who likes to get into my makeup and perfume also. So I will implement the tool box in my bathroom cabinet with a combination lock.

No more blush stains on the carpet... Yaaaay!

Great tip, thanks ;)

We just stumbled on this solution a few months ago, and it works great. The only caveats are finding toolboxes that fit well under a sink and then finding locks small enough to fit through the holes in the toolboxes (the holes are pretty small). We used combination luggage locks and set them to the same combination - so far, so good!

We use a combination lock on our medicine toolbox so we don't have to worry about finding keys when we need medicine quickly. We also use a luggage lock on a small zippered pouch for the emergency seizure medicine our 4 1/2 year-old daughter always needs to have with her.

Also a great idea for parents who don't have to worry about what the babysitter might get into!

Also a great idea for parents who don't have to worry about what the babysitter might get into!

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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