Send the kids to pick up the mail…with a tote bag

Yet another use for those reusable grocery bags (any bags, for that matter). From Jill in Atlanta:

I often send my kids out to get the mail from the mailbox at the street. On their way back to the house they often drop the mail. All those envellopes get slippery against each other. Finally I started sending them with a tote bag. They can now stop to pick up other things like newspapers or even litter without spilling the mail.

Same idea: keep your bags in the car (in fact they may already be there) to help kids clean up and schlep in the odds-and-ends scattered around their car seats and on the car floor.

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    Ha! This is even a good tip for my boyfriend – his car is always packed with empty water bottles and other odds and ends – if he just kept some trash bags in the car!