Read your kids’ favorite books Mad Libs-style for big fun

My old friend Alison St. Sure (who also happens to be an expert on living gluten-free), shares this tip for reinvigorating storytime:

How to hear that infectious giggle from your 4 year old: You know how your child knows every word of her favorite book? Try this: read the same old story but replace key words with their opposites or with silly words (think Mad Libs). (Perhaps not a good idea if you want him/her to calm down for bedtime, but it’s fun!) To really get hilarious, use any of the following words in place of any other word in the book: toilet, bottom, eyeball or burp!

Mad Libs! Who doesn’t love them? I remember hours of hilarity filling in Mad Libs with my family. For kids learning the parts of speech, Mad Libs are also a fantastic learning tool.

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  1. says

    Absolutely! Also works if you randomly throw people’s names in there, too. Double silly points if you throw names in where it makes no sense. Baa baa black sheep have you any Brendan? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags Elizabeth. They go nuts.

  2. mes says

    My word is marshmallow. My son thinks it is hysterical when I read his Mega Truck Book and talk about picking up heavy loads of marshmallows, or dumping big piles of marshmallows.

  3. says

    this is a great one….as a former pre-school teacher – eyeball pizza never failed to get a laugh….also, underwear,….very funny

  4. ALS says

    Oh- Try Dr. Suess’s “The Foot Book” with “butt” instead. If you can make it through lines like “Small Butt, Big Butt, here comes a Pig Butt,” your kid will beg for more.