Other sources of diaper disposal bags now that we all use reusable grocery bags

It never occurred to me just how much I used paper and plastic grocery bags until they all disappeared due to my faithful use of my canvas grocery totes. I find myself getting a lot more creative in my search for trash bags. Here’s L’s inventory, inspired by our recent discussion about storing unwashable Ziplocs in the diaper bag:

I keep the plastic bags or wrapping from the jumbo diaper packs, bread or hamburger buns (just shake out the crumbs), grocery store fresh produce bags, newspaper bags, toilet paper and paper towel plastic packaging, wipes plastic wrapping if there are three or more wipes packages bound together, etc. You may need to open the toilet paper plastic wrap or diaper pack a bit more carefully in order to use it as a bag to wrap a diaper but it works. Just stash these plastic bags in your diaper bag and use them when you need to wrap up a #2 diaper or if you need a trash bag.

Worth keeping a load of these bags in the car to help speed trash collection (get your kid to stash all the trash each time you come home).

Any more trash bag sources we haven’t listed here?


  1. says

    I also have to pick up doggie doo, so I’m on, like, double duty when it comes to bags. Good ideas here, esp. the ziplocs. I also use the bags from frozen food.

  2. says

    I use many of those to stock my stash of plastic bags, but am stumped on how to replace the brown paper ones. I use them to hold recyclable paper–our city does not have bins for that. Suggestions?

  3. Alex says

    We mainly use these for dog poop too. I just figured out that an empty small (tall instead of long) tissue box is a neat way to store them. We actually have them sorted into 2 containers by size, since my husband is so much bigger than me that I can use a lot of little bags (ie, from “baby” carrots, rice, etc) that he can’t.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Mayberry: I occasionally “forget” my canvas bags when shopping just so I can score some paper bags for my recyclables.

  5. says

    I’m constantly on the lookout for dog poop bags. I’ve sounded the alert and now my neighbors and coworkers bring me bags. One neighbor stores all of the bags that her newspapers come in for me. She feels good about recycling and I have a ready supply for my pup.

  6. Bev says

    In the UK we buy nappy sacks, I see Amazon do Diaper sacks which look the same. They are cheap biodegradable bags which smell nice.

  7. cindy says

    I ordered some clothes for my kids online recently, and each item came in its own plastic wrapping, which even had a sticky resealable top. These would have been ideal for diapers, but we just finished potty training. Oh well!

  8. says

    Mayberry, I do the same thing: once every 4-6 weeks I get my groceries in paper bags and use them to corral newspaper and junkmail recycling. We have single-source pickup (i.e., chuck everything in the same ginormous container and the city sorts it all out) so theoretically we could just toss the paper stuff in willy-nilly, but I feel bad about that, so I use the paper bags. I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but there it is.

  9. says

    I’ve gotten plastic bags from Freecycle. Not everyone has switched to canvas for groceries and they are happy that the bags are getting used.

    I also reuse the plastic bags from the meat dept at Costco because they are HUGE and can hold a lot of… stuff.

  10. says

    Catherine, no flames here, that is what I do too–get paper bags from the store when my stock runs low. And Asha does too, so we must have it figured out. ;)

  11. says

    Or you could use cloth nappies (diapers) and wipes, and then take the used ones home with you in a reuseable wetbag. Not as much effort as you would think!

  12. phillippa says

    We normally cloth diaper, but mix a bit with disposables. When we get a #2, we just shake out the poop in the toilet (wait until someone has to go, also) and flush. After that, throw the diaper in the trash with a cover. Doesn’t smell AT ALL. And we throw it out with the normal trash. We save our dwindling supply of bags (including those as mentioned above) for absolute necessities.

    Shaking the poop into the toilet is really what we should ideally do; anyway. Toilet route treats toxic waste. Throwing it in the garbage eventually reaches and contaminates groundwaters, etc…

  13. says

    Phillippa- you never diapered my kids. No “shaking” would have ever worked and scraping it out was not an appealing option for me. Perhaps different children have different digestive systems? Could be!

    Back on topic- I save pretty much every plastic bag that enters our house and reuse them for garbage when I can. I save produce bags and try to take them back to the grocery for more produce. I actually end up with more bags from bread and newspapers etc. than I can use, so I use them for produce or even save them for my favorite farmer to use as soon as our CSA starts up again.

  14. says

    I gotta agree with Jill in Atlanta: some poops are shakeable (or in J’s case, it’s more like “peelable”), and some just…aren’t. And we *do* cloth diaper, but J is in daycare where licensing regs forbid cloth diapers, so parts of each weekday he’s in disposables. Put all of that together, and you’ve got SOME non-flushable poops in SOME disposable diapers that need bags in the trash. We’re all of us doing the best we can, but ain’t none of us perfect.

  15. Elena says

    We use the bio-degradable dog poop bags. And we use bio-degradable diapers so when I toss them in the trash, I just rip a hole in the bag first so the degrading can happen more quickly. With poopy diapers, we flush. (I’m talking about gDiapers. They are awesome!)

  16. Annie says

    I plan to order myself a couple washable, reusable wet bags off Etsy! They have zippers or drawstrings, and can also hold wet swimsuits. This would make a fantastic baby shower gift or a summer kids’ birthday package (put swim goggles, water squirters, or a swimsuit inside).

  17. says

    Aren’t the wipes plastic wrappings way too small for this purpose? I usually use paper bags I buy from my local organic market + I usually buy only from vegan organic stores so all the veggies and takeaway dinners come in paper bags which are perfect for diaper disposal.