Keep unwashable Ziploc bags in the diaper bag

I'm trying to reduce my disposable plastic bag use, but Ziplocs have become such a part of my routine I find them indispensable. I rewash mine and dry them on the kitchen counter, but some are simply unwashable. Here's how Harmzie uses them:

Can you stand one more Ziploc bag use? I know. They just go on forever! But this one is a re-use. From back in my diapering days – they actually only ended about six months ago but it seems like forevahhhhh! (sorry, didn't mean to gloat) When I had Ziploc bags that were used but too good to toss, i.e. didn't want to use them for food, but they're not slimy, I tossed them in the diaper bag. Whenever there was a #2 "incident" at someone's home who didn't have kids (works for anywhere that doesn't have a diaper garbage – restaurant, grandparents), I used a Ziploc bag to contain the mess & the smell.

This works with Ziploc sandwich bags, too — if they come back home in your child's lunchbox, they're good for packing away used newborn diapers or stowing tiny wet undies or dirty socks.

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  1. Laurie says

    I always keep a bunch of newspaper bags in the car and diaper bag for the same sort of thing. Yeah, I still get the newspaper delivered!

  2. Todd says

    Please also keep in mind that Ziploc bags are recyclable. If you recycle plastic by code, it’s #4.

  3. says

    I do this with the bags I get socks and clothes in (like onesies, etc.). So many of them have closeable flaps and many of them even have built in ziploc-like zippers (like the men’s socks I just bought), and it’s nice to repurpose that heavy-duty plastic.

  4. Paige says

    We use cloth diapers, so I have to carry the stinky ones back home with me…or all around town with me until we go back home! This is one of the main re-uses of ziploc bags in my house!! Otherwise, we just stink.

  5. Bev says

    Here in the UK, nappys go into ‘nappy sacks’ which are scented bags which you put the dirty nappy into and then tie closed. They are much cheaper than ziplocks and smell nice.

  6. says

    My hubby bought some scented disposable diaper bags (thin plastic covers) from UK. He bought quite a lot of them… and they are cheap too. I use them whereever i go and even at home! When these bags aren’t available, ziplog bags come in handy!

  7. says

    I have bought scented bags at the Dollar Tree. They smell nice and are just the right size for diapers. They sell them with the other baby stuff.