During visits, stash outerwear in a bag so you won’t lose bits of it when it’s time to leave

Such a simple, smart way to deal with the on-again-off-again winter paraphernalia. From Sara:

Just another reusable shopping bag trick. I’ve been bringing an empty bag into places like the library or a friend’s house. When I unwrap us from all our outerwear gear, I shove it in the bag. No more lost mittens, hats, etc.

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  1. says

    Oooooh, I love this one. Great idea.

    I use an “out” bag. Its a bag I keep by the door and everything that is going out, library books, store returns, etc. just goes in the bag. I bring it along when I go on errands. I drop things off if my errands take me near the spot. I have less things running around in my head that way, just a bag full of “to do’s.”

    Thanks for a great tip!