Does your kid hate Pedialyte? Try pediatric electrolyte strips.

Pediatric electrolyte stripsWe’re trudging along on the second full week of my son’s horrible virus — so far he has missed a total of eight days of school due to this bug. (This particular illness has emptied out his school — it’s pretty dramatic.) I was at the drugstore last night for some oral rehydration solution (Pedialyte is the most commonly-seen brand), but the problem is that he hates the taste of it so getting him to drink enough is a struggle. Then I noticed these little pediatric electrolyte strips. They’re like the dissolving breath freshener strips you pop onto your tongue, except that these are basically a flavored mixture of sodium and potassium. Since getting my son to drink wasn’t the problem (my worry was more about electrolyte balance) these looked like just the ticket. The pharmacist sounded confident, so I went for it.

So far, it’s working out well. He’s far from recovered, but adding 2-4 of these strips per hour has really helped him bounce back. They taste weird, but not so bad that he refuses them. So far, it looks like only Walgreens carries them — have you seen any in your area? Have you tried these strips, and, if, so, were you happy with the results?

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  1. says

    Good grief, over a week he’s had this thing? Is it just intestinal/stomach, or does it run the head-and-chest gamut, too? I sure hope he’s feeling better soon. And I hope the virus leaves the schools soon too! I’ve never heard of those electrolyte strips but they sounds like a great option considering you have to throw out Pedialyte after 2 or three days, I always wind up wasting that stuff.

  2. Lissa says

    My little guy had a nasty stomach virus over the holidays and it landed him in the Children’s ER. The nurse gave away a little secret – they mix half Pedialyte and half Gatorade to make it more palatable. It definitely worked!

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    Interesting idea! Mouse likes the Pedialyte popsicles better than Pedialyte itself, but they’re hecka expensive and kind of hard to find. I’ll look for these.

    BTW, the horrible virus is going around SF too–Mouse got the mild version but several of her friends have been down for a week or more. High fever, body aches, stomach issues, cough–a pediatrician friend said it’s Flu B and that the vaccine wasn’t a match for the B strain this year, but I don’t know how official her information was.

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    Yup that’s what I was thinking too. Or can you use Gatorade altogether? Anyhow it looks like this Pedialyte strip works so problem solved already. If you’re on a tight budget, try coconut water. It’s a good rehydration agent and is loaded with vitamins. Best of all, it’s natural!

  5. says

    Good to know the Pedialyte/Gatorade secret. I’m having a hard time getting Pedialyte down my 19 month old. I looked at these strips this morning but put them back because it said 2 & under to consult a physician. I’m going to ask my FIL (a pharmacist) about them.

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    They look fantastic. Will have to see if they are available in Australia.

    We had gastro go through our school and home a couple of weeks ago. Oldest wasn’t so bad but the youngest refuses to drink when she feels sick.

    My girls like the frozen popsicle style pedialyte (called Hydralyte here).

    When I worked for The Travel Doctor we would sell Gastro Kits for people to take overseas with them to treat tummy bugs. We also suggested drinking sports drinks such as gatorade if they ran out of the oral rehydration solutions.

    Bananas are also great for potassium and in small amounts they can fill holes in the tummy.