05 February 2009

Colorforms hack: use paper punches to make new shapes out of the extra vinyl

Melissa's squeezing as much fun as possible out of her son's new box of Colorforms:

I recently purchased the 50th anniversary edition of Colorforms for my son, thanks to your recommendation of the Amazon Friday Deal. Thanks! We opened it up and I realized there is a lot of extra vinyl around those die cut shapes. So I took the extra vinyl and used my paper punches to make additional shapes. I made stars (which my son used to make constellations!), flowers, hearts, and squares. He had a blast with the new shapes and I didn't feel so bad about throwing away all that waste!

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excellent idea!
if you dont have punches, little nail scissors would work!

Vinyl (also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC) is toxic. T he folks at the Vinyl Institute would say otherwise but that's their job.

Vinyl leaches adipates and phthalates -- what are those? Toxic chemicals.

Vinyl chloride is a carcinogen.

For a humorous look at vinyl's serious problems, see the film Blue Vinyl.

y'all, I bought this set too, for my girl at Christmas. Does it seem odd that the book part was only to hold the pieces until we pulled them out?? I imagined that the book would be where the kids put their pictures and stuff. Do y'all put the vinyl shapes back in the box when you're done, or have some other way to keep them from spreading all over the house?

Ed - The modern colorfoms are phthalate free.

Good to hear they are phthalate free. Now, if only they were vinyl free...

Holly- We use the book to store our Colorforms and we play with them on the fridge: http://babytoolkit.blogspot.com/2008/03/bigger-canvas-for-colorforms-and-it.html

Z Recs contacted the makers of Colorforms last February (http://zrecs.blogspot.com/2008/02/in-life-less-toxic-some-classic-toys.html) and found that Colorforms have been phthalate-free for the last 20 years.

Here's some more info for parents:

PVC: The Most Toxic Plastic


Because we're all concerned about the health of children and planet.

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