Amazon today only: Flip Video Ultra camcorder 60% off

I’ve been using a tiny, handheld video camera to record my Momversation bits, and I can’t imagine ever going back to a big clunker. Today only, the diminutive Flip Video Ultra camcorder is 60% off ($59.99, usually $149). This version holds 30 minutes of VGA-quality video on 1 GB built-in memory and has a flip-out USB connector so you can effortlessly upload to your computer or the Internet. Paired with a Gorillapod tripod, you’ve got the setup for video stardom.


  1. says

    Can someone please convince me to not buy this? We currently use out point and shoot camera for video, which gives us decent quality, and is expandable with multiple SD cards. It’s small, and we can use it to take pictures when we want to. (we normally use a much nicer DSLR for photos though.)

    Besides all that, I REALLY want one if these, and I don’t even know why. Help!

  2. jen says

    We have the 60 minute version and love it. It is so small that it is always around — easy to just pick up, turn on, and record video in seconds. Ours doesn’t play well with my MacBook Pro though. I had to hunt down quite a few hacks to get the video to work in iMovie. It is still worth it.

  3. Steph Senner says

    If you still have them, can you include the links you found for making it work with iMovie? I’m also running a Mac and would love to buy one of these. My Sony Handicam does NOT work with the Mac no matter what I do, so this little flip thing looks perfect for sending baby videos to Yaya and Papa.

  4. says

    Heartily seconded. After loads of frustration trying to get some Christmas videos off of the tape-based camcorder and onto the net to share with distant relatives, I bought he 60 minute version of this from Woot a couple of weeks ago. We had a video on our Facebook page within ten minutes of opening the box. We LOVE it.

  5. Hunter Johnson says

    Usually $149? I don’t think that’s true. The list price is likely for the larger storage unit (since both are listed in the drop down, and the list price doesn’t change when you change to the bigger one), and even the list price isn’t Amazon’s “usual” price.

  6. mamamolly says

    We have the Flip Mino Ultra (newer design and a little smaller, and 60 minutes) and LOVE it. My husband just carries it around in his pocket– it’s smaller than his (old school) iPod.

  7. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Hunter: the “usually $149″ was what was listed at Amazon today. Actually, it says “usually $149.99.”

  8. says

    I’m with Tony. I’m trying to figure out the advantage of this over my compact digital camera which easily switches to video and can also be connected to my macbook by USB, imported into iPhoto (and from there to iMovie if I want to edit it), then uploaded to Facebook or Youtube. Is it because the included software makes it even more seamless?