Keep a list of domestic details on your cell phone or PDA

This hack came about as a way to do two things: a) to empty my head of some of the niggly domestic details that are important enough to remember, but not important enough to merit “active” brain space, and b) to be able to take advantage of those random times you find yourself in a […]

Save spring prunings for edging and fairy house construction material

Willow edging

It’s sunny in Portland today, and I was out in the garden in earnest for the first time in months. I pruned a neglected hydrangea, and while standing back to admire my handiwork, I naturally started brainstorming about what I could do with the clippings. I’m a cheap gardener which feeds my inclination toward DIY. […]

During visits, stash outerwear in a bag so you won’t lose bits of it when it’s time to leave


Such a simple, smart way to deal with the on-again-off-again winter paraphernalia. From Sara: Just another reusable shopping bag trick. I’ve been bringing an empty bag into places like the library or a friend’s house. When I unwrap us from all our outerwear gear, I shove it in the bag. No more lost mittens, hats, […]