Wine bottle tote is the perfect shopping bag for baby food jars

MP (well, actually, her husband) came up with a practical way to keep all the baby food jars from rattling in the bottom of the shopping bag.

The other week we were shopping at Whole Foods for our daughter’s baby food. We took our own bags, including the reusable wine bag. As we all know, the jarred baby food gets really heavy in the large reusable bags and clanks around. As we were checking out my brilliant husband (he is truly brilliant), loaded all the jarred food in the reusable wine tote! No clanking, not too heavy and we finally used the wine tote (maybe we should splurge for a bottle for us! yeah right!).

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  1. Dallas says

    I sent in a hack a while back about how I used our wine bags to carry our (glass) baby bottles. When our baby was smaller we traveled to see the family often, and usually to another state.

    I was always worried about the glass bottles breaking until I realized I could use our wine bag, that has 4 different compartments, for transporting glass bottles.

    I never thought about using it for those glass baby food jars, that’s a great idea!