24 January 2009

When moving kids to a different room to house guests, have them pack a suitcase

Jill's savvy followup to the kid bedroom/guestroom hack is a hack unto itself:

When we have guests coming to visit and I know my boys will be displaced from their room, I have them pack a suitcase of clothes for the duration so they don't have to keep going into the now-guest room to get dressed. It just became part of the process of moving the trundle closer and getting out the guest sheets, etc.

Fave toys, blankies, books, etc. could go into the suitcase as well!

Speaking of suitcases -- check out Trunki, a hard-shell suitcase kids can ride through the airport. I got a PR note about this a while back and have been meaning to look into it further. Sure is cute, but does anyone have one who cares to comment?

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We got a Trunki in December before we embarked on 22,000 miles of air travel with our 2 year old.

Our daughter loves it. All the kids in the airport that saw it wanted to ride it.

We kept all her books, crayons, animals, and teddy bears in here. She loved it because it was her bag and had all her stuff.

It is a pretty cool bag and made travel just a bit more bearable and fun.

Highly recommended.

Trunki is GREAT. It amused her while we were having an eight hour layover in Amsterdam last winter. We use it every time we travel. We put all of her amusement items in it, as well as snacks. I "beeped" one of it's "horns" and DD decided it's name is "Beep." She rides on him by pushing it along with her feet or with us pulling it by the strap. She also likes pulling it by the strap.

We <3 Trunki!

We LOVE Trunki. We've had it for about two years and have traveled with it multiple times. We also get a lot of stares from other parents wanting to know where we got such an entertaining suitcase. It is very sturdy and a ton of fun for the kids to ride. It also fits a good amount of toys. It is expensive but it is absolutely a worthwhile purchase!

Trunki rocks. We get lots of compliments in the airport and it makes life way easier.

And more fun when you've got a flight delay.

We got a Trunki this year for our 3 y.o's b-day. LOVED IT. And it was just in time for the "Trip With The 9 Hour Layover And A Missed Connection Requiring An Overnight Stay". Our son entertained himself by riding Trunki down the hill by our gate at the airport. Only downside, hard to get into mid-flight as it opens like a clamshell.

Trunki was mentioned in a Slate.com article a few months ago: http://www.slate.com/id/2196728/pagenum/all/

It looks really awesome. Any chance for a giveaway?

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