Use sand toys for snow play

Darci’s snow day play tip:

We just got a foot of beautiful new snow. My son loves to build. So all the sand toys — the shovels, yogurt containers, and plastic pails — went outside. He built an igloo, forts and a castle. Stuck without snow boots? Rubber band plastic bags over your tennis shoes!

In a pinch, you can also put plastic dishwashing gloves over knit gloves to keep them dry for a few minutes. Good enough for a quick snowball fight!

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  1. alicia says

    We live in Tucson. This tip would have come in handy on out Christmas trip to Seattle. Tons of snow. The first any of my 3 girls have seen. We had fun, but we all ended up soaked, and still wanting to play more. We didnt think about snow boots, or water proof gloves. thanks for the info!!