16 January 2009

Use a coupon organizer for non-grocery coupons

I'm an inconsistent coupon-clipper. I ignore the newspaper coupon circulars as I rarely buy the food featured there. But the mailer coupons for kids' clothes? Or the local pizza place? I'm all over those. The trick is to remember I have the coupons, and then to FIND them once I need them. Tracy to the rescue!

I found that my counter was overflowing with coupons to The Children's Place, Sears Portrait Studios, Build-a-Bear, Bath & Body Works, etc. And wouldn't you know it when I needed a coupon, I couldn't find it, or it had already expired. So I had an "ahhh" moment and decided to just put everything into a coupon organizer. I made categories such as:

  • Home Improvement
  • Consignment Stores
  • Health & Body Stores
  • Hair
  • Children's Clothing
  • Food
  • Hobby
  • Big Box (Kohl's, Target)
  • Kids' Activities
  • Photos
  • Current Events (anything that's a one-time only event).

Now, I'm thinking this could help out our mountain of take-out menus!

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I find it ironic that the featured coupon organizer is $30. Kind of defeats the purpose of saving and using all those coupons. I keep mine all clipped together in a small pouch that was a "freebie" with a cosmetics purchase. I carry it in my diaper bag so I always have it with me. Take-out restaurant coupons stay at home with the menus so we remember to use them when we place our order.

I'm the person that submitted the hack... and I actually use a $2.00 organizer that came from the office supply store... Asha just grabbed a photo to spruce up the original post.

I keep take out menus in plastic sheet protectors in a 3-ring binder. I store it above my stove with my cookbooks.


I'd love to see a more in-dept look at what you do and how you do it. Preferably with pictures. Do you have your own blog? If not, how about writing up something a little more meaty for this one?

This is like a summary post that's missing the "after the jump" part. More please!

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