Preserve a bit of history by making a presidential time capsule

American flag drawingThe campaign, the election, and the inauguration will soon be history — here's how "the23rdelf" is preserving a bit of it for her son:

I sent the following email to my son's grandparents, aunts, and uncles and asked them to write down a few thoughts about the election:

The Presidential election was historic, no matter who you voted for. My husband and I are putting together a small time capsule for our son with information about this election. Our hope is that when he is of school age, he will have something to help him understand his part in history. It would mean a lot to us to have your input! Over the next few days, please email or mail me a few sentences about where you were when the election was decided, if you voted and how, and what this election means to you.

I plan on filling the time capsule with the responses, my sample ballot (completed with my votes) and my "I voted" sticker. Kind of an old-school version of oral history!

How about adding some newspaper clippings and printed photos of the inaugural events? I'm sure you could find some bumper stickers and campaign paraphernalia as well.

Photo by Davef3138

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