MomSpeak: Putting yourself back on your to-do list


I just had one of those synchronicity moments. I’ve been working hard since the New Year to make time for myself and decided it would be the ideal topic for my final post on the Luvs MomSpeak site. Then, I got my weekly tap from the Momversation folks — this week’s conversation topic is “finding […]

Amazon deal: 40% (and more) off indoor sports toys


I'm always looking for ways to keep the kids active when we're cooped up in the house. Despite living in the Pacific Northwest, my kids are relative weather wimps — they would rather play inside during blustery weather than bundle up and face the elements. (I'm just the opposite, but what can you do.) Amazon […]

Entertain your kids with e-card “movies” instead of DVDs

From Amy: I'm generally of the "no electronic media before age two" mindset. Heck, how about no media for as long possible, right? BUT (there's always a but) along the way, there have been moments when some new entertainment was in order — and none of the videos on the market appealed to me. I […]

Road rage hack: Don’t flip the bird — shake the maraca!


As if Kristen of Cool Mom Picks and Motherhood Uncensored fame doesn't make me laugh enough already. I invite you to picture what carrying this hack out would look like to your kids: I was driving with a friend of mine a few years back and someone cut her off. Before I could say anything, […]

Use storytelling to teach kids about how food and clothing (and more) are produced

Sara’s inventive (and entertaining) teaching method: I want my daughter to understand is where things (food, fabric, etc.) comes from. To this end, I invented the “Little Farmer J–” stories. Little Farmer J does *everything* — grows a garden, plants and harvests wheat, grinds it, and makes bread, grows cotton and does all the steps […]