Outgrown playard works well as small toy “corral”

Margo's smart playpen repurpose:

I recently came up with a new use for the Pack n' Play. My two year-old daughter has outgrown hers. But she's now into playing with all sorts of small stuff that's hard to clean up (uncooked rice, small letters, etc). So instead of fighting with the cleanup, I put her in the playpen, give her uncooked pasta (those $1 boxes pay for themselves in no time!), spoons, a couple of containers and let her have at it. After she's done, I take her out of the playpen, lift the bottom mattress, gather all the rice/beans/pasta in a container and feel happy that I don't have to clean the entire house!

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    A friend of ours took their pack and play and created a ball pit for their son, until he was too big to play inside of it.