16 January 2009

Mix hard natural peanut butter with honey for a sweet, spreadable treat

Peanut-butter hacks! Can there ever be enough? Here's a good one from Whitney:

We like to use the all-natural peanut butter where you have to stir the oil into it. Inevitably we get to the bottom inch of peanut butter and it is hard as a rock. Instead of throwing it out or eating dry lumps of peanut butter I squeeze a liberal amount of honey in the jar and stir it up until a good consistency. It's a treat for my girls to get that on their sandwiches or spread on crackers for snack -plus it saves the mess of sticky honey dripping everywhere when you mix them together.

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If you have hard peanut butter at the bottom of the jar,it probably means you didn't stir it well enough when you opened it. Make sure to stir well or buy a peanut butter stirer!

We mix a little honey into peanut butter in a bowl, warm it in the microwave and then dip pretzels in it. Yummy!

We store the peanut butter in the fridge after the first initial stirring, and it stays spreadable and about the same consistency all the way through the jar (if it ever gets too hard, just leave it out again or heat it up a little before using.)

When I have a brand new jar of natural peanut butter I pour a little of the oil out (to cut calories and fat). Then I empty the jar into a bowl and whip it with a hand mixer until blended smooth. Put it back in the jar and ta-dah totally smooth, blended peanut butter. It does take an extra step but it's totally worth it and you don't have the bottom of the jar problem.

We just add a little peanut oil when the bottom of the jar gets dried out like that.

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