How to use your winter jacket as a snuggly nursing cover

Ah, nursing in the dead of winter. I recall some pretty cold breezes in places I wasn’t accustomed to feeling them. Here’s Candy’s solution:

If you forget a nursing cover in the winter, turn your jacket around and put your arms in the sleeves. You can see the baby through the neck and the baby’s covered all the way around! Works great!

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  1. saraG says

    Not just for winter coats – I have a zip-up “hoodie” sweatshirt that I use like that all the time!

  2. Sarah says

    My babe hated to be covered while nursing, so I found that a wide, warm pashmina scarf worked the best for us. It was discreet enough not to look out-of-place and attract even more attention, as some nursing covers do. And I could cover up strategically without him feeling smothered.