Favorite brand of cotton training underpants? Talk amongst yourselves.

Following up on my inquiry about cotton training pants in yesterday’s pantiliner-as-potty-training-helper hack, I’ve heard from several of you with favorite brand recommendations. I thought I’d post the favorites here and open up the discussion in case anyone else has something to add.

Several of you gave Luvable Friends training pants (sold at Amazon) great reviews. “Best for the $$” and “The 15-pack is perfect for my twins.”

Also well-liked and a good value — the Wee Ones brand sold in JC Penney stores (sadly, not online). These are the ones we used and loved them. Extremely soft and sturdy.

On the higher-end, Hanna Andersson makes incredible underwear, including training unders. Not cheap, but the quality is fantastic. I’ve gotten amazing underwear deals at their outlets. Imse Vimse (at Amazon and elsewhere) is another brand that popped up a few times.


  1. says

    Loves the Hanna Andersson. They have great sales and outlets. It’s not necessary to pay full price for their fantastic quality.

    We have tried others but have been disappointed.

  2. mini_pixie says

    I wish I’d seen this when my older daughter was still training last summer, we shop mostly at Target and I never was able to find any cotton training pants. We would have used them if we’d found them… Next time! (I have a 6 month old, she’ll be training soon enough I’m sure).

  3. says

    We also love the JC Penny, but needed to buy a size up for ease of pulling up and down. Gosh, I wish I had a Hanna Andersson outlet near me!!

  4. katherine says

    we’re entering into this stage and have liked the Potty Scotty (or Potty Patty for girls) They have cotton padding in the crotch to absorb some leaks but not enough to keep pants dry.

    They also make an ‘overnight’ style that do keep the accidents in, but still make the kid feel wet.

    I loathe pull ups, so am looking at a lot of options…

  5. says

    With my daughter, first I bought the Gerber ones from Target. They were just ok. Then I bought some at JC Penney. They were so great that I bought several more packages. They were thick and soft and absorbent. I will buy these again for our second child.

  6. KB says

    I have to admit, I never tried all those other brands, but we’ve been using Snap-EZ’s trainers for a year now and they hold up like crazy. They have a waterproof outer (so more protection than regular cotton trainers), and you can choose “feel-dry” or “feel-wet” inner fabric. They’re absorbent enough that we use them for overnight (that’s the only time we have accidents, and he’s a super sleeper, so he soaks like crazy) and plane trips (just in case!). They keep the pants dry, which is good for sensitive kids. My son used to get so upset when he wet his pants.

    They are expensive, but so versatile. I’m not sorry I bought them.

  7. Cass says

    The Imse Vimse worked perfectly for my DS. He could feel that they were wet, but didn’t end up with puddles around his ankles either.

  8. Anna says

    The Gerber brand ones I bought 3.5 years ago when I was potty training the first time were not too great. They didn’t absorb much, didn’t fit well, and were not soft. However, this time around the Gerber ones I bought are totally different and MUCH better. I really like them now!

  9. Rita says

    I just doubled up on the gerber’s with my first daughter. It worked pretty well when she was night training.

  10. Darci says

    Has anyone tried the Dri Days Training Pants from One Step Ahead? They also have a Dri Nights version with a waterproof outer layer.


  11. Rita says

    Forgot to mention that I used pull-ups over the top of the Gerber’s when we first started out potty training–feel the wetness, without having wet furniture, carpets, etc.