Balloon as leg support for a kid sleeping in an umbrella stroller

Elizabeth's super-smart travel stroller hack:

We have an umbrella stroller that we use for travelling when we don't feel like lugging along our larger, more comfortable stroller. One drawback to the umbrella stroller is that it has no leg rest — our son's legs dangle off the edge of the seat and he is still too short to reach the foot rest.

The other day he fell asleep in the stroller and I wanted to do something to support his legs so he'd be more comfortable and sleep longer. Eureka! I wedged a balloon in the space above the foot rest and below the seat. It supported his legs perfectly. You can easily keep a balloon in your purse and just inflate it to the right size when you need an instant leg support.

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  1. MidlifeMidwife says

    Back in the day, when I was a practicing midwife, one of my patients had a child suffocate when he got a hold of a latex balloon and mouthed it, causing it to break and be inhaled. Any balloon that you could keep in your purse would be a latex one, not mylar. No thanks!

  2. Susan says

    Ack… definitely a choking hazard.

    Plus it would cause a very rude awakening if the thing popped under the child’s feet.