Baby towels live on as hair-drying towels

Jolene's managing to get a little grown-up pampering out of an old baby-care basic:

I was in the shower and forgot to put a towel for my hair over the stall, so I ended up sticking my hand out of the shower door and grabbing the first towel I could find. It ended up being one of the baby bath towels (the thin ones with the hood in the corner). I ended up saying 'oh well' and tried it anyway. WOW! The towel was lightweight and was able to wrap so tightly around my hair that it actually worked BETTER than a regular towel. My neck hurts by the time I get to doing my hair because of the monster towel sitting on my head for 30 minutes! Well, after using the baby towel, my neck felt great, my hair was more towel dried than with a regular towel, and the baby towels my son has grown out of now have a new purpose!

Also: baby towels are easier to wield for young kids who are just starting to shower on their own.

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  1. Tracy says

    I hadn’t thought of using baby towels – wish I hadn’t given mine away. However, for years I’ve bought the cheapest towels I could find (maybe $1-$2 a piece) for my hair. They’re nice and thin and perfect for wrapping around my head. When I visit family and use their towels, I miss my hair towel. I can’t believe there are times when I don’t want a nice fluffy towel!