27 January 2009

Amazon: Rock-bottom prices on kids' clothes from The Children's Place

One of my favorite chain stores for kids' clothes, The Children's Place, is having its Monster Sale right now, and the prices are unbelievable. For the price, I find the quality to be better than Old Navy for most things. But I had no idea The Children's Place also sells through Amazon, so if you're an Amazon Prime member you get free shipping. (Thank you, Rachel, for the tip!) [Correction: No free Prime shipping on stuff from Children's Place! My mistake -- I'm sorry about that. -- Ed.]

If you need to beef up your kids' winter wardrobe, or you want to get a few new things for Spring, you don't want to miss this sale. I stocked up on jeans for my son and hoodies for both kids. I also got each of them thick fleece robes -- $9.99 each. You'll find stuff for babies all the way up to big kids -- tops, bottoms, sleepwear, outerwear...it's all there, but sizes are selling out so you'll want to hop on this one.

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You don't get free shipping with Prime if the items are being fulfilled by Children's Place. None of the items I looked at via the sale link were "prime-able".

Unfortunately, The Children's Place items are not eligible for Amazon's Prime shipping. You'll have to pay shipping for them through Amazon, even if you're a Prime member.

Yeah, some $4 coat had $5 shipping, and I'm a Prime member. These aren't fulfilled by Amazon, so no Prime shipping.

does anybody know if these prices are online only? There is a store my my house and i could save on shipping :)


If you order through childrensplace.com, you can try coupon code SA19 for an additional 15% off. Good luck!

Crap! I'm sorry I made a mistake about the Prime shipping. I've corrected the post.

Dawn: Yes, I've seen the same prices in the store, but am not sure if there is as much selection. Worth a look, though!

i tried to order a few days ago (from the Children's Place web site, not thru Amazon) and the site was crazy slow, then i got a message, repeatedly, that their credit card server wasn't working. i finally gave up. if the site's still wonky, that alone might be a reason to order thru amazon.

Shipping is only $5 for your whole order at the children's place site.

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