Amazon Friday sale: Gripe water, cupcake courier

Remember the Amazon Friday sale? In recent months, Parenthacker-worthy finds have been disappointingly spare. But I found a couple today!

Many people swear by gripe water, the traditional natural remedy for colic and intestinal distress. Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) is $14.99 today (37% off the regular price) and works for older kids as well.

Keeping cupcakes smoosh-free during transport turns out to be rather tricky. It’s also one of those activities I do more often then I would think (parties, class functions, bake sales, picnics…). I’m sure there’s a hack for this (if so, please share in the comments) — but a cupcake courier isn’t such a bad idea. I’m not usually a fan of one-offs, but given the amount of work that goes into baking and frosting cupcakes, I’m willing to spring for something that keeps them presentable. This cupcake carrying case holds three dozen cupcakes and helps with serving as well. Friday sale price: $25.99.

Prices good today only.


  1. says

    That cupcake courier is fabulous, and totally worth the money if you make cupcakes often at all. They have fabulous customer service, too.

  2. says

    If I have any multiples of dishes of food that have to stack I use my cookie cooling racks and stack them together and put the whole thing in a plastic bin. I sometimes put a dishtowel on each shelf so the stuff doesn’t slide. It looks funny but worked perfectly for transporting 4 pies.

  3. Ray says

    Funny, I just sent a hack about cupcake carrying (which is presumably still in the queue). Credit goes to my wife who had realized that the grocery store has a ready-made solution in the form of the bakery boxes they provide for purchasing donuts and pastries. It will depend on your grocer, but ours has been happy to let us take a couple bakery boxes whenever needed so long as we’re buying groceries at the same time. Makes transporting them so much easier.

  4. mamamolly says

    Nicole: this cupcake carrier (which I have and love) is not quite a unitasker. Each of the three cupcake trays can be removed and a cake will fit inside. I don’t know if a 9 x 13 cake will (since I find those fairly easy to transport regardless), but a regular layer cake definitely does. And any number of other things could too.

  5. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Ray: I’m going to dig thru my queue RIGHT NOW — why haven’t I ever thought of that?

    Also, how many times do we all say that when we read a good hack?

  6. says

    My “hack” is just don’t do it. I always transport cupcakes unfrosted, piled up on top of each other in whatever tupperware I have. I bring the tub of frosting and frost them whenever I get to where we’re going. This obviously wouldn’t work for fancy decorated cupcakes, but who makes those anyway?

  7. daffiney says

    I just followed the link to the gripe water at Amazon and it’s $11.78 today, which is even better!

    I grew up with Woodwards Gripe Water and it always worked like a dream for all the kids in our family (probably the alcohol in the original version!) Does anyone know how Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water compares to Woodwards? (Other than the $11 shipping!)