links for 2009-01-31

A picture of one's contact info works as a built-in camera ID Thanks for the link, Lee! The Crafty Crow: Feed the Birds! Great birdfeeding projects for kids and grownups. (Via Cool Mom Picks – Breaking news – CPSIA delayed! Your amazing efforts made a difference Wow.

Momversation: Is “momnesia” real?

I'm the headliner on today's Momversation, and I'm talking about parentally-induced brain impairment: Momnesia: Is it real? Commiserating along with me: Daphne (Cool Mom) and Nataly (Work it, Mom!). There are those who say becoming a mother makes you smarter, and, indeed, I've accomplished some great things — such as PARENTING — in the years […]

Amazon: Queen-size AeroBed, Earth’s Best organic formula, baby care discounts


Here's what I found in today's Amazon Friday sale: Earlier this week we talked about the AeroBed for Kids, and, while it generally got great PHer reviews, some commented that it's too small to be practical. Looks like Amazon's got an AeroBed thing goin' on, because the queen-size AeroBed Bed Essential showed up in today's […]

Outgrown playard works well as small toy “corral”

Margo's smart playpen repurpose: I recently came up with a new use for the Pack n' Play. My two year-old daughter has outgrown hers. But she's now into playing with all sorts of small stuff that's hard to clean up (uncooked rice, small letters, etc). So instead of fighting with the cleanup, I put her […]

links for 2009-01-29 blog: More Harm than Good? More on the CPSIA Excellent perspective from Dale Dougherty, publisher of MAKE: and CRAFT: and all-around smart guy. 11 tips for taking the kids out to a coffee shop | Quit Your Day Job Marita also wrote this list! Thanks for the link, Kristen. Search for Peanut Butter Product […]

Photo valentine saves kids from having to sign each card


Jamie from Travel Savvy Mom offers this smart class valentine shortcut: I'm convinced that for every child that loves making painstakingly handcrafted, one-of-a-kind valentines, there are ten who can barely be prevailed upon to fill in the blanks after "To" and "From". For preschoolers and kindergarteners especially, 20 valentines (plus 2 for the teachers) can […]

Plastic wrap keyboard cover protects kitchen computer from sticky fingers

Marisa's hack could single-handedly save the laptop-using population thousands of dollars in repair costs: I stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the keyboard of my laptop (which is in my kitchen) to prevent crumbs, liquids and sticky fingers from damaging it. Every week or so, I just stretch a new piece of plastic wrap. […]