links for 2009-01-31

A picture of one's contact info works as a built-in camera ID Thanks for the link, Lee! The Crafty Crow: Feed the Birds! Great birdfeeding projects for kids and grownups. (Via Cool Mom Picks – Breaking news – CPSIA delayed! Your amazing efforts made a difference Wow.

Momversation: Is “momnesia” real?

I'm the headliner on today's Momversation, and I'm talking about parentally-induced brain impairment: Momnesia: Is it real? Commiserating along with me: Daphne (Cool Mom) and Nataly (Work it, Mom!). There are those who say becoming a mother makes you smarter, and, indeed, I've accomplished some great things — such as PARENTING — in the years […]

Empty cleaning wipes bottle as safe disposal container for used needles and razor blades


From Kimberley: I recently read the parent hack for storing yarn in an old cleaning wipes bottle. Talk about recycling! Awesome. Well, after reading this I realized that I re-purpose a wipes bottle as well. I have terrible migraines that can trigger a seizure if not treated immediately. Being allergic to certain medications I am […]

links for 2009-01-29 blog: More Harm than Good? More on the CPSIA Excellent perspective from Dale Dougherty, publisher of MAKE: and CRAFT: and all-around smart guy. 11 tips for taking the kids out to a coffee shop | Quit Your Day Job Marita also wrote this list! Thanks for the link, Kristen. Search for Peanut Butter Product […]

Photo valentine saves kids from having to sign each card


Jamie from Travel Savvy Mom offers this smart class valentine shortcut: I'm convinced that for every child that loves making painstakingly handcrafted, one-of-a-kind valentines, there are ten who can barely be prevailed upon to fill in the blanks after "To" and "From". For preschoolers and kindergarteners especially, 20 valentines (plus 2 for the teachers) can […]