What to say if your kid finds one of her presents before it’s wrapped

May's a fast thinker! Here's the Christmas "story" she told her daughter to explain the presence of…the presents:

So, if your husband decided to go looking for shoe polish and pulls a bin off the way-high shelf and your kid spots the EXACT TOY she asked Santa for, here is what you say: "That's for charity. When you put that on your list I though some other little girl would want one."

If your kid is smart they will counter with "Doesn't Santa bring ALL kids presents?" And you counter with, "Of course, but you also get presents for Mom and Dad and all your grandparents, aunts and uncles and poor families can't afford extra presents for kids." If your kid is already suspicious this won't help but it saved the day at my house.

What's your best fast talkin' response when the kids stumble onto their presents before the big day?