Use shredded paper as gift packing insulation

Maureen’s reuse-it strategy for shipping gifts by mail:

Last Easter, I used the shredded paper from our paper shredder as "grass" in my son’s Easter basket because I couldn’t stomach the idea of buying disposable cellophane grass. But it has occurred to me that the shredded paper could also make a good packing material if you are shipping fragile gifts.

Our shredder creates a lot of dust, so you should keep that in mind if you try this hack.

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  1. Kevin says

    Only do this if your shredder creates really fine confetti; otherwise sensitive information may still be visible if you use shredded bills.

  2. Candy Apple says

    Also you can put the shredded confetti into either plastic grocery bags or paper bags you might have around the house and tie or tape them shut. This creates the cushion you need for packing, but not a mess to clean up for the receiver and all of the items are still recyclable.

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    With the use of shredded papers you could protect fragile items from getting damage when shipping. You could save more at the same time you can make you place look organized because wastes are being disposed of properly.