Use outgrown Christmas outfits as holiday home decoration

Sara’s come up with a brilliant way to remember (tiny) Christmases past:

Since my daughter was due in early December, we got so many adorable "My First Christmas" outfits. She was able to wear some of them only once, and I just couldn’t bear to get rid of them! So I saved them and now get them out as Christmas decorations every year. I hang them with clothes pins on a long red ribbon on the wall, but they would also be really cute hung on a mantle. My daughter loves seeing how little they are and being told they were hers!

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  1. says

    Very cute idea. The only reuse for those cute things that I’d thought of was to reuse as doll clothes, but this is pretty clever!

  2. Sheri says

    I put some baby shoes on our xmas tree this year, tied up with red ribbons. Turned out pretty cute I think, though the kids are a little bewildered.