Save newborn outfits for future baby doll clothes

Michael’s found a good way to reuse those newborn outfits that are too special to give away:

When my daughter was born, my family and friends bought her dozens of beautiful outfits. I didn’t want to get rid of them, but could think of no good reason to keep them either. It finally dawned on me that someday she would be a good age to play with a life-size newborn doll. So I’ve saved them until one Christmas she will receive a great doll with a fantastic wardrobe!

I love this idea. My kids get so excited when I pull out their old baby clothes. Not only do they love the concrete illustration of how small they used to be, I think they also relish seeing us treasure their babyhoods.

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  1. says

    My Mom just turned a baby onesie into a tee-shirt for my son’s cherished stuffed dog. And the bottom half of the oneise? She turned that into a hat. Leg holes = ear holes.

  2. Celeste says

    When I was little I would go to garage sales with my mom to specifically look for newborn outfits for my dolls. I saved my kids baby clothes to use on dolls. Also favorite shirts of my son’s get used as shirts for animals. His favorite Thomas shirt got turned into a pillow.

  3. marci says

    mama did that, so my baby alive had some great embroidered outfits. i wonder if i still have them somewhere?

  4. says

    Oh I so do this… I have a friend that scours newborn sales for my daughter and wraps the treasures up for Christmas – every year since she was born! It is a wonderfully special gift!

  5. Altissima says

    Lovely idea. My Grandma knitted some beautiful baby outfits: coats, hats, jackets & dresses. I played with them on my dolls for many years, and I still keep the dressed up dolls today as treasured mementos. One is displayed on a shelf next to a photo of me and G/ma – and in the photo I am wearing the same outfit as the doll!

  6. says

    This is more for cast-off clothes that you are done with, but I have used at least 2 pairs of pajamas (one just the t-shirt, another footie pajamas cut off, for my dog.

    She is cold with her short hair this year, but I am not really into buying clothes for the dog.

    This worked perfectly.