Reusable gift box can be “opened” over and over

Janey’s hack takes the reusable gift bag idea to a new level!

Every year we give our kids one present each for every night of Hanukkah. Last year we went thru tons of wrapping paper and tons of time spent wrapping – this year we got smart. We’ve been using the same box every night and just replacing the presents! We just slip their present in and then they get to "open" it. Saving a bunch of trees and oodles of tape and time. We have decided that after the holdiays we will let them each pick a big wooden box to decorate and then we can use it for all occasions that merit a gift. They are so excited to be able to have their own special gift box!

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  1. Amy says

    I love that idea!!! I tried to use tote bags for gift bags this year – they are totally reusable, and they’re part of the gift!

  2. Suzan says

    I’ve been mostly re-using the same 2 Chanukah gift bags. Not quite as good, but along the same lines. I’m curious about the idea for decorating a wooden box. What type of wooden box?

  3. Janey says

    Hi –
    For the big wooden box we are headed to ACMoore and getting a the chest like boxes. They are about the same size as boot box – gives us plenty of room. They decoupaged one for their dad for father’s day and it is good size –