Parent Hacks redux: Sew simple gift bags out of sale fabric and lose the wrapping paper for good

Matt’s comment on my latest MomSpeak post, Free alternatives to gift wrap, reminded me that we covered just such a hack here last year! Jill from Atlanta shared how her family sews simple gift bags out of sale fabric that get reused every year. (I’ll let you read all about it at the original Parent Hacks post.)

I have got to remember to pick up some fabric and cording and do this over the winter break. So smart. (Thanks again, Jill.)

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  1. Louise says

    For those who can’t sew…Michael’s sells inexpensive reusable fabric gift bags. they are large enough for several gifts

  2. says

    Or fold the fabric in half and hot glue two of the three sides. Then turn it inside out for presentation. Use a piece of ribbon to tie it shut. Iron-on tape can be used too. There are plenty of ways to avoid sewing!

  3. mom, again says

    oh forget sewing altogether. One year we gave them the ‘old’ computer, we wheeled it in on it’s cheap little home depot computer cart, threw a piece of christmas fabric over it, and called it wrapped. Through the years, it was used as a toss/wrap a few more times, as well as tree skirt, table cloth, general drapery.

  4. Kyotocutie says

    I sometimes wrap the gifts in homemade pillowcases, made with fabric that suits the recipients personality, or is related to the package contents. Two gifts for the price of one! If you can’t sew, this is another alternative, too. You can buy pillowcases cheap during white sales, or after fall back-to-college season is over. Put the present in and tie with cording, or a tape measure, or a hair scrunchy, or whatever you think the recipient might re-use!

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