Parent Hacks admin: Up-to-the-minute announcements and Amazon deals on Twitter

Twitter: @parenthacks

Given that I’m a social networking curmudgeon, I’m amazed by how indispensable Twitter has become as a way for me to connect and converse. I’ve had so many fascinating, funny, helpful real-time conversations with Parenthackers via Twitter that I consider it an important part of every day. Twitter has become my personal backchannel; while my Parent Hacks posts focus on the hacks, my “tweets” are more personal and conversational. You’re as likely to hear about my school pickup or my failed dinner experiment as you are about anything PH-related. (For now, it’s as close as I can get to my fantasy Parent Hacks coffee date.)

@parenthacks Twitter update

Lately, I’ve been using Twitter to broadcast time-sensitive Amazon deals, and, according to my informal poll, my Twitter buddies unanimously love the updates. I still intend to post about most Amazon discounts here, but some have such a fast turnaround (I’m thinking about the one-hour Lightening Deals here) even a blog post isn’t quick enough.

If you want the fastest Parent Hacks updates, or you want to join in the ongoing conversation, sign up for a Twitter account and follow me @parenthacks. See you there!