How to involve your kids in Christmas tree cleanup


Steven’s BRILLIANT tips for getting whole family involved in Christmas tree takedown: My kids are almost teenagers now but we have a few family traditions that help when it is time to take down the decorations. The first is the “Hidden Santa.” During the holiday season I bought about half a dozen, foil-wrapped, chocolate Santa […]

Momversation: The Men of Momversation!

What’s it like when your wife shares the details of your marriage and family life with the entire Internet? That’s the question Jon Armstrong (husband of Heather/Dooce) asks on Momversation. He’s joined by Bryan Mason (husband of Maggie/Mighty Girl), Hal Isaakson (husband of Rebecca/Girl’s Gone Child) and Mark Peel (husband of Daphne/Cool Mom). I LOVED […]

links for 2008-12-21 blog: Texture Boxes for Kids This "craft" can be built over time. blog: HOW TO – Make Edge-Lit Holiday Cards Whoa. We're big into LEDs at the moment, so we may give this a go. Baby Toolkit: Ghosts of Christmas Past: Links to Earlier Baby Toolkit Holiday Hacks Never fails to inspire.

Photo gift tags help kids connect the gift with the giver


Tracy’s smart gift-labeling hack: In our family, a lot of gifts get exchanged where my daughter is the “giver”. Many of these gifts go to other young children (the cousin gift exchange, classroom gift exchange, etc.). We use those “mini petite” pictures you get with many of the in-studio photo packages as gift tags. This […]

Parent Hacks admin: Up-to-the-minute announcements and Amazon deals on Twitter


Given that I’m a social networking curmudgeon, I’m amazed by how indispensable Twitter has become as a way for me to connect and converse. I’ve had so many fascinating, funny, helpful real-time conversations with Parenthackers via Twitter that I consider it an important part of every day. Twitter has become my personal backchannel; while my […]

Amazon deal: Huge sale on DVD boxed sets


If you’ve still got tricky people to shop for, you’re bound to find something at the monster Amazon sale on DVD boxed sets. They’ve discounted over 800 boxed sets, some as much as 60%. (And with free two-day Super Saver shipping, you’ll get it in time.) There are tons of good picks in the Kids […]