Momversation: Funniest Bits and Outtakes


I haven’t linked every episode of Momversation here as there are three new episodes per week and I don’t want to bombard you with too much “Hey! Look at me!!!” But it’s such a great show — so fun to be a part of, so funny and honest…I hope you’re watching. Today’s new episode, Funniest Bits and Outtakes, is a gem. The producers put together some of the best material that fell to the cutting room floor and the result is a perfect episode of its own. Heather, Mindy, Maggie and Alice give you the perfect excuse to take a five-minute break.

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    I like when you posts the momversation videos. I don’t think I’d follow them on my own, but you pointing out a few interesting ones every now and again is nice. I even send a few on to my wife when they seem especially topical.