Use freebie calendars to make your own custom gifts

Rita’s got a great way to turn promotional calendars into beautiful gifts:

I have been intending to create a custom calendar with scanned images of my 5 year-old’s art projects from school, and photos of events throughout the year, but finding the time to do it has been impossible. I also am not inclined to pay for calendars, when they are available nearly everywhere for free. Eureka! Use a free promotional calendar, and have my daughter glue on artwork, photos, or a collage of both. Everyone’s a winner. Grandparents and aunties get a custom calendar with reminders of the little loved ones; the beautiful, yet bountiful supply of art is displayed; and my daughter gets to enjoy a craft project with mom–all for the cost of a few photo reprints and some glue or double-sided tape. Bonus–reusing a calendar that might have ended up in the trash anyway, since we get too many to use otherwise.

I also intend to make up photo magnets for the family using pictures glued to promotional fridge magnets.

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  1. says

    Along the same lines of using freebie calenders:

    I got one from the mechanic the other day, and cut out all the pictures of the “hot rods” and framed them in cheapie $1 frames from the Dollar Store. They fit in perfectly with my son’s “race car/garage” themed room, and it only cost $6!!

  2. mamajud says

    my daughter has been saving birthday/christmas cards she has received for a few years now….she made the most AMAZING christmas cards this year, by cutting the fronts of the cards into little “mozzaic” pieces and gluing them onto the back of the original message from the sender…truly collectable/frame worthy stuff she put together!…………….p.s. i have to give her ALL the credit…i just suggested she make homemade christmas cards…. the rest was ALL her!

  3. Paige says

    seriously, where do you get all these free promotional calendars & magnets???? this sounds like a wonderful idea–especially since we DID just pay for calendars for the grandparents–but I’ve never gotten free calendars from anyone!

  4. says

    Paige, our mechanic, a local guy and not a chain place, had them made up to give out, as an advertising tool. Also some Realtors give them out. My health insurance sent me one as well, through the mail. Think of people who want their name to be easily accessible to you, like real estate sellers, small businesses and even the chamber of commerce for your town.

  5. says

    Variations on this great idea:

    1–We use photos from free calendars and old gift cards to make gift tags and decorate packages wrapped in plain brown craft paper. They are lovely.

    2–We also use them to make small gift boxes. I have a tutorial (linked in my sig)for how to make them on my blog. Fun and frugal.

    Our insurance agent is a very good amateur photographer and sends us a calendar of flower photographs each year. Score!