How to turn a backyard evergreen into a Christmas gift for the birds

We’ve covered decorating an outdoor tree with birdseed pine cones, but Megan takes it a few steps further:

Instead of procuring a Christmas tree and then tossing it out with the garbage or storing it until the next year my family plans on decorating a live pine that is in the corner of our yard. The decorations will be edible for the birds and squirrels and will include strings of popcorn, dried apple chunks covered in shortening and then rolled in bird seed, bread cut into Christmas shapes (maybe painted with food coloring in red and green?) and then dried and hung, and anything else that we can think of! We plan on using organic materials (cotton, hemp twine) to hang everything so that eventually it will disintegrate and maybe become part of a bird’s nest come spring.

How about stringing some Cheerios? Or cranberries? Any other decorating ideas for outdoor trees?