Healthy snacks are more readily accepted when your kid’s at his hungriest

Serena’s common sense snack hack:

My son (3.5) is absolutely starving when we pick him up from preschool. Instead of letting him have pretzels, or some other usual snack food, I try to bring him some cut up veggies or half a sandwich. Since it’s so close to dinner, I think of this as his "pre-dinner" and then I don’t have to worry about him filling up on snacks before I’ve had a chance to cook. Whatever he eats as part of his "real" dinner is just a bonus. He also knows we have a snack for him, which I won’t give him until we’re outside, so that helps get him to leave preschool and his friends at the end of the day!

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  1. flynn says

    Sure thing. When I worked at a place with a fridge, I would pack the bub’s after-school snack when I packed my lunch. Making an extra half-sandwich or pack of veggies is no prob. Now I bring cereal or hit the store on the way for cheese and veg.