Happy New Year, Parenthackers!

Ah, back home after a sunny vacation in Southern California (and copious Twittering from Disneyland!). I’m now cuddled on the couch with husband, kids, and dog watching movies till the clock strikes twelve, but I wanted to pop on and wish all of you a wonderful holiday and New Year. I hope your holidays have been full of celebration or quiet — whatever restores you. And I’m so glad to have spent another year with you, swapping tips, sharing stories, and generally marveling at your warmth and generosity. I love hanging out with you every day.

Here’s a little holiday greeting from me and the rest of my Momversation pals — I thought I’d share my crazy Portland snowfall with you!


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    You’re so positive and upbeat, I just love it! Calling the snow “a treat” after losing your flight out because of it is putting a great face on it, go girl! And I’m very happy to see you made it out eventually. Happy holidays, I’ll be in touch soon.

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    Love those reindeer antlers. Hey how was Disneyland. We didn’t make the annual trip. Maybe this month. Love the idea behind parent hacks. Look for mine shortly. I’m in the middle school niche, connecting mainly with parents either headed into or entrenched in challenges of adolescence. Stop by when you have 2 minutes for a boost of parenting wisdom http://www.ThinkingForwardTV.com