CNN Newsroom video clip

For those of you who missed Mindy’s and my appearance on CNN Newsroom Saturday night, here’s a part of the segment (sadly, sans Dr. Phil):

(Can’t seem to get the sizing right, but you should be able to see the video ok. If you’d rather watch it over at CNN, here’s the original post.)


  1. says

    Wonderful, Asha! You had such amazing points, so concise and smart –

    you’re made for tv.

    Hey, CNN producers: Give this woman a show.

  2. says

    The more I watch you, the more I want to just have you talk in MY living room. Are you free this afternoon for some coffee? (You know, despite the 5 hr time change?)

  3. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Jill! Heh! You know I’d love to. I think someone should sponsor me to fly all around the country visiting cafes in order to have coffee dates with all of the amazing people I’ve “met” thru PH. First, come, first served, sponsors! Opportunity of a lifetime!

    Or perhaps sponsor all of YOU to come out to Portland, and we could take over a caffeinated venue out here! Hire a few babysitters, get some food, bring in a masseuse…

  4. says

    Well done, Asha! Like Liz said, you’re a natural on TV. Your sincerity and wisdom shine through so clearly.

    And I’d love the chance to return to Portland for a coffee-shop mommy-hang with you and all these smart women! Maybe Oprah will put something together for us.