Christmas Craft winners!

Christmas Craft PDFThanks to all who entered today’s Christmas Craft giveaway. I loved reading your free-form comments sharing crafts, greetings, and a single joke, invented by Daffodil’s two year-old:

HIM: Knock, knock!
MOM: Who’s there?
HIM: Gorilla! Gorilla monkey!

Hahahaha! Toddler humor slays me every time. There was a period of my life in which the punch line of every joke was “ketchup.”

Anyway, on to the winners. So nice that there are 10 instead of 1! And here they are:

  • Gina in St. Louis
  • Megan@SortaCrunchy
  • Austin
  • MelissaG
  • Jaxter
  • 3 to get ready
  • drtns
  • Julie (who said “Happy holidays!”)
  • Brent
  • Carmen

Congrats all of you! If you’ll just email me with the subject line “Parent Hacks Christmas Craft winner,” I’ll forward your note onto Amber who will make sure you get your download. For those of you who are coming away disappointed, consider springing $5 for your own copy (or for someone you love). It’s an amazing value in my book.