Baby wipes are good for parents’ noses, too

Erika's masterful storytelling contains a timely and practical hack:

I searched the archives and see that you've addressed proper snot-management techniques for children in the past and some comments address the use of baby wipes for wiping little noses. There was no mention, however, of parental nasal mucas.

This past week when just the idea of a lotion-infused facial tissue touching my tenderized nostrils for one more blow could bring a tear to my eye, an emergent situation involving a sneeze and a squirmy one-year old with no diaper developed. Mommy used a baby wipe to blow her nose. Ahhhhhhhh.

Cooler than a tissue. Softer than a tissue. Bigger than a tissue. Stronger than a tissue.

Sweet. Relief.

One hesitation: some brands of unscented wipes (usually store brands) smell nasty — like vinegar. Keep that in mind if you're sensitive. Back in the day, I was a Huggies wipes user for that very reason.

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  1. David's Dad says

    And they:
    * clean glasses!
    * get mud off of shoes!
    * clean sticky small fingerprints off of CDs!

    I mean, baby wipes are one of the most useful objects in the world.

  2. says

    might also be good for those with allergies, but i’m not completely sure yet.

    regular tissues have tiny little fibers that get up my sensitive nose and make things worse when i’m having an attack. next time, i’m going to try a baby wipe.

  3. Alex says

    We’re a cloth diapering family and I’ve found that I often use the mini washcloths we use as wipes for emergency nose blowing. I switched to handkerchiefs last year and they are just as soft as lotion tissues. My nose doesn’t get as irritated. I wasn’t expecting that! I don’t mind my snot in the laundry basket because I do the laundry. If it were other family members’ hankies though I’d just ask them to throw it straight in the washing machine. I love how there are no longer shreds of forgotten tissues all over our clothes in the dryer.

  4. says

    I thought I was the only one to do that in a pinch. It does feel good.

    I try to stick to handkerchiefs, an old technology, but a good one. I have found that my nose is less tender when I use them.

  5. lazza says

    just something i figured out recently by accident is that they’re great when wet, but can get a bit ‘smeary’ when boogers are involved. so leaving some of the good quality ones (huggies etc) out to dry out has been a real blessing, as they usually are much softer and more absorbent than tissues. they can be a bit fibery though. wet wipes. god’s gift to parents. i do extra things to be good to the earth so i can use a million wetwipes for everything!

  6. Anonymous says

    I used to get my little sister to blow her nose by pretending that she was blowing so hard, I had to hang on for dear life to her nose (if I was the one holding the tissue) if it was mum or someone else, I would pretend to be blown across the room. Of course I was a lot younger and more flexible so doing a backwards rollover was much easier ;)