Happy New Year, Parenthackers!

Ah, back home after a sunny vacation in Southern California (and copious Twittering from Disneyland!). I’m now cuddled on the couch with husband, kids, and dog watching movies till the clock strikes twelve, but I wanted to pop on and wish all of you a wonderful holiday and New Year. I hope your holidays have […]

Cure for a bitten tongue: an icicle

Brian’s just given us the excuse we’ve been looking for to suck on an icicle! The other night at dinner my little girl accidentally bit the daylights out of her tongue, and the standard owie-remedies were not cutting it. Impromptu solution: Run out to the porch and snap off an icicle for her to suck […]

Use freebie calendars to make your own custom gifts

Rita’s got a great way to turn promotional calendars into beautiful gifts: I have been intending to create a custom calendar with scanned images of my 5 year-old’s art projects from school, and photos of events throughout the year, but finding the time to do it has been impossible. I also am not inclined to […]

Use window markers to identify party drink glasses

Kari’s savvy party hack: At parties and family gatherings, everyone sets their cups down and then wonders, "is that mine?" Wonder no more. I just figured out that you can use window markers on glassware. I wrote my name on one of my glasses and it came off in the dishwasher without me having to […]

Christmas Wrapped: Time to let go and enjoy the holidays


My final contribution to Target’s Christmas Wrapped site implores everyone to forget the last-minute Christmas cramming. It’s time to let go and enjoy the holidays. This post was inspired by a wonderful, heartbreaking conversation I had with a long-distance relative yesterday — her 14 year-old daughter is suffering from the effects of Lyme Disease. It […]

links for 2008-12-23

Flexible Dreams: Crayon Hack Egg carton as crayon holder! Brilliant, Amy! Smart-Bottom Enterprises: Made with Love – Celebration Posters A sweet, simple way to makes your kids feel special on birthdays or other big days. Thanks, Darcy!