Use the Robeez package as a carrying case for markers and crafts

Speaking of Robeez…Betty has a fantastic use for the plastic zipper bags they come packaged in:

I just discovered a use for my leftover Robeez brand shoes that come in a small, thick, plastic bag with a zipper…holding markers and other crafts. The bag has a small rope handle and my almost two-year-old twins like to carry theirs around. The bigger the shoes, the bigger the bag.

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  1. Paul says

    We use them to pack emergency change of clothes. Each kid’s clothes fold and then compress into one of these tiny bags and then the diaper bag is less cluttered and organized.

  2. says

    Robeez bags are also good for holding yarn for knitting. Take out the little Handle and there are two nice little holes to thread your yarn through. The yarn stays safe and clean in the bag. It’s especially nice for sock yarn.

    Also like the crayon and extra set of clothing ideas.

  3. Wendy says

    I use the Robeez bags for packing my son’s “toiletry” items when we go on a trip.

    I also have one that is packed with extra outlet plugs, a nightlight and tylenol/motrin that I always bring along for a quick babyproof of a hotel room or friends house.

  4. says

    We do the same thing with the plastic bags that bed sheets come in. I always save them. We use them for crafts, for “purses,” for emergency diaper kits left in the car, for containing 3D puzzle pieces, etc.