Turn newfangled gum containers into Cheerio dispensers

Isn’t Tracy smart?

We use our leftover gum containers to hold Cheerios for on-the-go snacking. It’s nice because my toddlers have two different ways to get the Cheerios: the small opening for just 1 or 2 or the large top opening for handfuls :) It doesn’t help keep the Cheerios fresher any longer, but it’s neater than using bags or plastic containers as it only dispenses a couple Cheerios at a time (that should tell you something about how many times my toddler has spilled an entire bagful at church!).

On a side note, we’ve also used gum containers for dispensing sugar. Just drilled some holes in the small opening. I’m thinking this could be adapted for Christmas cookie decorating. Hmmm…

(If you’ve got some good kid-friendly cookie decorating hacks, let’s talk about them in the comments of the cookie decorating post.)

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  1. says

    What a great idea. They also hold liquid too.
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  2. Jen says

    This type of gum container is my 16month old daughter’s favourite toy right now. I took off the plastic wrapping, and the sticker on the top, and put a small bath duck inside. She spends HOURS putting the duck in the pot and opening and closing the two lids. Best toy in the universe!