Momversation: Sex after baby


The Momversation is about reclaiming your sexuality after you have a baby. Yes? No? When? How? Why? (And much more.) Rebecca of Girl's Gone Child asks the questions (in a way only she can) I'd bet we've all asked ourselves.

Here's who's weighing in:

Fun and real. Quotes from the episode: "Sexless khaki mom." "Afraid I would lose my swagger." "Objects shift during flight." "Probably more information than you want to know."

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  1. Anonfornow says

    This Momversation episode is the best one so far: I wish my husband–who was pretty understanding, but still…–could watch it. It almost brought tears to my eyes becuase it was so true about everything I’d been so afraid to admit and have no close mom friends to talk to, living in another country from where I’d lived for most of my life. Thanks! (I also loved the “Differing with your spouse about childrearing” one as well.) Keep up the good work!