Join the Momversation!


I’m involved in quite a few extracurricular projects these days, but none are as exciting (and different) as this one.


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Momversation, a rotating video “conversation” among me and seven other smartalicious mom bloggers. These are smart, funny, outspoken women, and I only wish we could find ourselves in the same room at the same time. Instead, one of us starts off the conversation, and each of us shoots our responses at home. So, not only do you get to listen to our crazy banter, you get to peek inside my sumptuous office. The one that, minutes before filming, had wet towels on the floor.

Here’s who’s talking:

We’ll be chatting about all sorts of things over the next few months, but the maiden episode features — what else? — politics!

Agree, disagree, elaborate, share…whatever you like! Not only will you find three new videos each week at, you can join in on the Momversation forums. I hope you will. This is going to be fun.

There are any number of ways to keep up with Momversation episodes and forum buzz. You can subscribe to the Momversation episode feed or comment feed, or you can subscribe via iTunes. Sign up for the weekly newsletter, follow Momversation on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook. I’ll also embed the episodes here as they come out.

We’re working with the great folks at to produce the videos — they’re the folks behind Boing Boing TV among other Web video shows. Target is sponsoring this experiment (hence the ad in the video and the banners on the site), but has no input into the content or format. That’s up to us. And the result is turning out to be oh so much more than the sum of the parts.

I’ve never done anything quite like this. But while the whole film-myself-talking thing is a little weird, the ongoing conversation is the whole reason I started Parent Hacks in the first place! It’s so fun to try it in this new form, especially given the cheeky bent. I hope you enjoy!


  1. says

    It sounds like it’s going to be a really fun and lively adventure for the participants and the online viewing audience.

    Happy election day, btw.

  2. Mom says

    I realize I am biased, being Asha’s mom, but I found this to be really interesting. The fact that I agree with these liberal-minded women makes them terrific in my book!!! Having these on-line conversations is wonderful in that you not only hear the words, but can see the facial expressions. These often say more than the words themselves. Keep up the great work!

  3. says

    Although I don’t agree with the political opinions shared by these women, I did enjoy the “momversation.”

    It was kind of a live blogging event thingie. I subscribed.

  4. sarah says

    hi asha, we havent talked in quite a while – i met you several years ago at a literary mama salon and then again at a music together parent night. i think the last time i saw you was at the 2nd salon which you hosted at your home. glad to see you’re still going strong in the blogosphere. i saw your name while reading rebecca wolf’s blog. how exciting! looking forward to your first video from a “hometown” girl! best, sarah