Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Parenthackers

Well folks, between my son’s exciting ER adventure, my 40th birthday (!) and a technical glitch, posting has slowed to a trickle around here. Now that the keel is even (well, as even as it’s gonna get), many of us are heading out of town for Thanksgiving. So rather than rush to make up for […]

Momversation: Surviving the holidays

Now! On Momversation! Asha shares her angst over Thanksgiving travel planning. We had fun with this one. Here’s who’s talking: Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog Lots more Momversation fun to be had: I love you, but I hate your politics! Are online friends […]

Christmas Wrapped: How to ratchet down holiday gift-giving stress

The final extracurricular project I’m part of is a holiday-themed FM/Target collaboration. A bunch of FM authors (including me) are contributing their stories and tips for simplifying the holiday season. The result? Christmas Wrapped. While I may not be qualified to dispense advice about Christmas gifting (my family celebrates Hanukkah), that doesn’t stop me from […]

The MomSpeak: My favorite new Web site: Simple Mom

Simple Mom! Are you there? In the back? Raise your hand and wave so everyone can see you in all of your brilliance. Please give her a hand, ladies and gentleman. She’s about to make your life a whole lot better. [Rousing applause] In my next post on The MomSpeak, I elaborate upon why Simple […]